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OE Replacement Clutch Kits

1What is the torque capacity of your OE Replacement Clutch Kit?
The OE Replacement Clutch Kits are rated for OEM power levels. If you require a upgraded clutch kit you will need to refer to our performance product line.
2Do I need to resurface my flywheel?
For EXEDY warranty purposes the flywheel must be resurfaced or replaced depending on application.
3What is included with an EXEDY OE Replacement Clutch Kit?
Most OE Replacement Clutch Kits include pressure plate assembly, clutch disc, release bearing, pilot bearing or bushing ,alignment tool, lubricating grease and general installation notes. Please contact our Technical department for specific kit components.
4What is the torque specification for the pressure plate to flywheel bolts?
The pressure plate hold down bolt should be torqued to the factory specification. Exedy recommends use of thread locker compound.
5The diaphragm fingers appear to be discolored, is this normal?
The tips of the diaphragm spring go through an induction heat treating process to increase strength followed by an oil quenching that creates this discoloration.
6Can I re-use my dual mass flywheel, because it cannot be resurfaced?
Dual mass flywheels must be replaced with the clutch kit assembly. EXEDY offers single mass flywheel conversion kits for some applications.
7My OEM pressure plate was a self-adjusting type, the EXEDY OE Replacement Clutch Kit I received is not.
EXEDY OE Replacement Clutch Kits have been designed for use in place of the factory self-adjusting where applicable.
8My EXEDY OE Replacement Clutch Kit came with Non-EXEDY parts?
To ensure a full line of OE Replacement Clutch Kits we supply parts from OEM suppliers were EXEDY manufactured parts are not available.
9My vehicle came equipped with a flex type flywheel can this be machined?
Flex type flywheels cannot be machined and must be replaced when servicing the clutch.
10Will the OE Replacement Clutch Kit work with an OEM flywheel?
Unless stated otherwise all EXEDY OE Replacement Clutch Kits are designed for the OEM flywheel.
11What is the recommended break in process for EXEDY OE Replacement Clutch Kit?
We recommend to allow 500 city mile or 1,000 highway miles for the break in period. During this period the vehicle should be driven easily with no high rpm shifting, no quick shifting, and no launching.
12The new release bearing appears to be off center.
Most release bearings are self centering and will center to the diaphragm spring once installed.
13What is the warranty for EXEDY OE Replacement Clutch Kits?
EXEDY OE Replacement Clutch Kits have a 12 month 20,000 mile warranty from date of purchase against manufactured defects.

Stage 1 / 2 Sport Clutch Kits

1Will the Stage 1 / 2 Sport Clutch Kits work with the OEM flywheel?
Exedy Stage 1 / 2 Sport Clutch Kits are designed to work the OEM flywheel unless stated otherwise. EXEDY also offer lightweight racing flywheels for many applications.
2Does the Stage 1 / 2 Sport Clutch Kits increase the pedal effort?
Yes, typical pedal effort increase is 20-35% depending on application.
3Will a HD clutch kit last longer than the non-HD variants?
No, the HD clutch kits have a higher clamp load over the non-HD variants to allow for an even higher torque holding capacity.
4When taking off I hear a screeching noise during engagement after installing an EXEDY Stage 2 clutch kit.
It is typical to hear a screeching noise after the break in period due to the high metal compound of the friction material used with the stage 2 disc.
5Are modifications required to install and EXEDY Stage 1 / 2 Sport Clutch Kits?
No modifications are required.
6Are replacement parts available for the EXEDY Stage 1 / 2 Sport Clutch Kits?
Yes, replacement parts are available through any of our authorized EXEDY dealers.
7Do the EXEDY single sports clutch kits require an upgraded release bearing?
No, all EXEDY single sports kit include release and pilot bearings manufactured by OEM suppliers and are of the highest quality available.
8 What is the warranty for EXEDY Stage 1 / 2 Sport Clutch Kits?
All EXEDY single sports clutch kits include a 60 day warranty from date of purchase against manufactured defects.
9Is the Stage 1 clutch disc the same as the OEM replacement clutch disc?
No, although they may appear similar, the Stage 1 Organic Disc uses a friction material that is better suited for heat and the abuse of racing. Also the dampening assembly of the clutch disc is upgraded to handle an increase in torque output as well as improved throttle response.
10How does the EXEDY Stage 1 / 2 Sport Clutch Kits affect drivability?
The Stage 1 Organic kits will drive similar to the OEM clutch but will have an increased pedal effort. The Stage 2 Cerametallic clutch will have a more aggressive engagement and take off RPM may need to be increased for a smoother take off.
11How do I know when my EXEDY Stage 1 / 2 Sport Clutch disc is worn out?
When the clutch disc is below the designed minimum thickness the disc should be discarded. Because this thickness varies depending on application please contact our technical department.

Hyper Series Clutch Kits

1Can the EXEDY Hyper Series clutches be rebuilt?
Yes, each component of the Hyper series clutch is available for purchase from any authorized EXEDY distributor.
2Does EXEDY offer a rebuild service?
No, EXEDY does not offer a rebuilding service however we can inspect your clutch and advise on repairs needed.
3Can you convert a Hyper Single to a Hyper Multi Plate?
No, the Hyper single and Hyper multi plate clutches do not share any of the same components.
4Can you convert a Hyper Twin to a Hyper Triple?
Yes, some Hyper twin plates can be converted to a Triple plate configuration depending on application. Please contact EXEDY's Technical department for further information.
5Can you machine the flywheel?
Yes all Hyper series flywheels are able to be machined, however the correct flywheel step must be retained. Please contact EXEDY's technical department for further information.
6Do the Hyper Series clutch kits include release or pilot bearings/bushings?
No, none of the EXEDY Hyper Series clutches include release or pilot bearings/bushing. We offer Hyper Series Accessory Kits that included everything needed for a complete installation.
7Will an EXEDY Hyper Series clutch kit work with my OEM flywheel?
No, the Hyper series clutch kits included a light weight one piece forged chromoly flywheel that is included and is required for use.
8What is the pedal effort like with a EXEDY Hyper Series clutch?
Most EXEDY Hyper Series clutch kits will generally have similar or lighter pedal effort than stock depending on application.
9When the clutch is disengaged I hear a rattling noise, is this normal?
The Hyper Twin and Triple plate clutch kits use a free floating pressure plate and intermediate plate(s) design that will rattle when the clutch is disengaged.
10Is there modifications required to install EXEDY Hyper Series?
No, the Hyper Series clutch kits are designed to bolt in and use the factory actuation system without modification. Excluding EXEDY Builder Series.
11What is the warranty for EXEDY Hyper Series clutches ?
Unfortunately EXEDY Hyper Series clutches do not carry any warranty due to the intended use and nature of racing products.

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